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Blue Plan

This integrates your email, projects and billing in one place. It allows you to adapt the system to suit your companies particular needs. This versatile package comes with online training, greater storage allowance for busy businesses and the ability for BGS to configure the system to your requirements.

BGS functionality that supports you to get on with your Core Business at any level and any size.

Grow your business with BGS. Why not begin your relationship with BGS with functionality that will get you started and organised. BGS is all about helping you control and improve your business. You can step in at the beginning, or at any stage, right up to the complete system in a flexible, controlled way.

BGS have tailored 4 different packages to help you get started, whether you are a sole trader or a multi-national. Because every business is different and unique and because we understand this uniqueness we understand that one size does not fit all. Hence the tailored packages.


Blue Plan








Start Page

Your "what am I going to do today?" dashboard


A module for actioning/viewing your emails

Address Book

A module for storing your contact data and creating address lists


A module for storing your data/documentation

File Editing

Ability to edit files and update them within the system


A module for creating appointments and scheduling resources


A module to set up and record employee absent time


A module for creating and organising operational procedures


A module to create actions (with reminders and categorisation) and the ability to pass over/continue actions


A module to handle financial procedures, ie create proposals/quotations, orders and invoices


A module to create notes, within private and shared notebooks


A module to store and categorise web page link allowing easy navigation

Custom Fields

A module to configure additional modular fields and categories to record data

CalDAV & CardDav

Protocol to set up calendars and contacts on external applications


Creates a mapped network drive of the files structure on end user PC

Mobile Synchronization

Email, calendar, Task, contacts, notes (Active Sync)

Methods of connecting mobile devices with the system or your user account

Activity Log

Ability to track user activity within the system




Email Migration

Price on request


Support Tickets


Support Library


Training Library


Online Training

2 hours (additional training can be bought)


Monthly Webinars



Price on request



Price on request



Price on request


Email Storage Allowances

5GB per user


File Storage Allowances

5GB per user


Additional Monthly Storage Cost (Per Installation)

Price on request


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VP Med


VP Med

We are a fast growing medical device company with a team of sales / technical specialists all over the UK. Centralising our data, sharing detailed information with the ability to sync all of this with mobile devices has been key to our success. The group office system managers our whole business activity... Going back 10 years, we would have had to employ 5-6 people to do all that Group Office does for us now. All of this quite simply means that we can help the two most important people within our business (our customers & our sales people) spend more time together! Group Office really has helped us get up and GO!

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