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BGS gives you the ability to manage your business all in one place. Modules can be scaled up as your business grows.

BGS- Address Book

This is central to the whole system. It is used in most modules and data can be sorted into companies, individuals, positions within companies and market sectors.

As the system is interconnected, emails sent from an individual or company show a full communication history.


Like the address book, emails are fully integrated in the system allowing you to automatically store and link emails against, people, companies, sales prospects and jobs or projects.


This is where you can see all your important information on one screen. It is customisable to each individual so you can analyse what is important to you: projects, emails, calendar, feeds and announcements.


Here you can manage in one place all your staff holiday, absences and emergency contact details.

Billing & Costings

Project/job finances are managed here to build quotes, invoices, purchase orders and sales orders. Manage your budgets, analyse costs and build your product or services catalogue to feed in to your accounts package.


Log customer feedback or support queries on the ticket system.

Projects / Jobs

This is the central area for projects/jobs information. This enables you to effectively manage communications, budgets and deadlines.

Document Storage

Comprehensive document management system with version control, including extensive system search engine. Controlled client login area to access documents.


Manage your sales pipeline including tracking calls, quotes, invoicing, all with an integrated email history.

Mobile Phone

All the key components, email tasks, files, calendar and approval process fully synchronise with any mobile device.

Time Keeping

This is a fully integrated time keeping system. It utilises internal and external rates, allowing you to budget time and profit against a project and monitor it in real time.

Approval Process

Automated document or billing processes track and ensure approval in single or multiple steps including approval from clients.

Smart Search

Any item can be found in an instant from an email, document or task.


Use tasks to manage your team, a project or your own workload.


Reports allow efficient management of workload, finances and resources.


Book meetings with contacts on multiple calendars. Includes the ability to book time from your calendar to projects/jobs.

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Business Genius has revolutionised the way we work - it has made huge improvements to how we manage projects, control budgets and time and communicate internally. As it is cloud based it also allows our field engineers to access project data from anywhere which has reduced time on site and increased profitability. Thanks for all your help.

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