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Guruben’s Top Tips

Good Morning,

Do you get the benefit from using custom fields within your system? Or are your billing templates in need of a revamp?

The theme for this week is ‘making things look nice’, so if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either one of the above questions this week’s top tips will help.

BGS manages your sales, projects, emails and finance altogether.

HTML custom fields

At BGS we love custom fields, if you need to store additional information against your address book contacts, projects, billing records etc. custom fields are easy to set up and use.

HTML custom fields (similar to text fields) allow you to store text but you have the added ability to customise how the text looks. We’ve included a snipping below to show how they look.

If you have any queries regarding custom fields or need some help feel free to give us a call.

Billing Templates

Do you have letter-headed paper or a branded watermark?

If you’re using the billing module within BGS and are looking to revamp your invoice/quote templates you can include a watermark for the PDF templates, steps to set this up are as follows:

navigate to the billing module
administration > settings
double click on the relevant billing book
navigate to the ‘PDF templates’ tab
double click into the PDF template you’d like to edit
click on ‘Page settings’
click the drop-down icon next to ‘Stationery paper’
upload your desired watermark or letter-headed paper for the PDF template
click ‘ok’

If you have any queries regarding billing templates or need some help feel free to give us a call.

Happy to help

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