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Struggle to track all relevant information relating to a project or job you’re working on? You aren’t on your own. This week in our guruben mailing we are looking at some of the key features within the projects module.

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Projects – New Menu

If BGS was a machine the ‘new’ button within the projects would most definitely be worn out. Using the ‘new’ menu you have the ability to create new links, add project comments, send emails, email project files, add your time tracking, create tasks, calendar appointments and more, all from the project, this helps to share and centralise all relevant information.

Projects – Links Menu

At BGS we love linking, linking relevant resources (i.e. tasks, appointments or contacts) to a project gives you added system functionality AND trackability in one place. An example of this would be using the functionality of the tasks module to create/manage a task’s progression then creating a link so this is tracked against a project.

Within projects, you can even differentiate your links by creating folders for them, all from the links menu.

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