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This week in our guruben mailing we are looking at email security. If you are not aware, there has been a global ransomware outbreak affecting multiple large organisations.

Following our previous security editions of guruben’s top tips (7th October 2016 & 23rd December 2016), we feel this is something to be revisited.

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Email Security

If you receive emails from any unexpected sources do not open them, contact If suspicious emails are opened do not download any attachments or click on links. As part of our ongoing security management programme, we are working with the developers to improve anti-spam and anti-virus protection protocols.

We have noticed an increase in Phishing and Whaling attacks that aim to trick you into disclosing personal or corporate information through social engineering e.g. faking the email senders. Attackers will target high-profile end users but anyone could be at risk.

We have developed a feature within the email module to highlight messages where the email sender’s name does not match the email address. These emails are now displayed in red (example shown below).

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