Digital Marketing Tips – Social Media

Social Media

Look at what social media channels can benefit your business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, etc.).


Think about your goals from using social media, are you looking to make a sale? Build brand awareness? Direct traffic to your website? Network with prospective clients? Gain feedback from your clients? Handle complaints?


Ads, you can use social ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach a greater following out of your network.


Twitter has recently increased their limit for message posting and have launched their free analytics platform.


Grow your network by following relevant social profiles.


Interact with your clients, suppliers and networking contacts by mentioning them in posts using the ‘@’ followed by the profile name.


Imagery, use strong imagery to engage awareness to your post.


LinkedIn is seen to be beneficial for referring and maintaining professional relationships.


Scheduling, use a social media scheduling tool to pre-plan your posts. Look at good times to post on certain social media platforms.


Join and post on relevant groups on social channels.


Create streamline reports and monitor ROI.


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