CRM Benefits at a Glance

We have put together the following blog highlighting the benefits of implementing a CRM system. We have found these common advantages from our client base and our own experience.


Benefits at a glance

Defined custom processes and workflows across business departments.
Established consistent data structure.
Increased speed to close business opportunities.
Tailored system to the working style of end users.


For Sales

Maximise sales performance with tools that help sales people find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily.
Access detailed reports that tell how your team is performing.
Organise teams and schedule calls and meetings.
Define the sales and lead process to suit the way you do business.
Manage vital opportunities by tracking leads from first contact to final sale, ensuring time and energy is spent on the deals that are most likely to close.
Integrate sales with marketing and customer service for a 360-degree view of your customer.
All information captured on your customers creates cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.


For Marketing

Manage and track every element of your marketing campaigns. Drill down to specific activities within your campaign.
Segment customer and prospect lists to deliver targeted messages to your select audience.
Get real-time information on the progress of on-going campaigns by tracking them from initial lead generation right through to close.
Qualify leads to your chosen criteria for follow up, prioritise your leads to ensure that a lead never gets lost or goes cold.
Merge documents with target lists for mass mail outs.


For Service

Keep track of every customer interaction for the most up-to-date information on all your customers.
Offer multiple channels to your customers by providing them with web access to their own ticket portals on your website, where they can log queries and view status of their requests at their convenience 24×7.
View and measure call turnaround time and understand what is taking longer to resolve and why.
Gather and retain important customer information to build and enhance customer relationships.
Improve employee satisfaction by arming them with correct up-to-date customer information that allows them to handle customer queries efficiently.


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