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GDPR Checklist (updated)

GDPR Updates from January 2018 ICO have expanded the page on personal data breaches ICO have also added three new pages in the lawful basis section, covering contract, legal obligations and vital interests ICO key definition of personal data A summary of the Information Commissioner’s Office’s 12-point GDPR checklist Ensure

CRM Benefits at a Glance

We have put together the following blog highlighting the benefits of implementing a CRM system. We have found these common advantages from our client base and our own experience.   Benefits at a glance Defined custom processes and workflows across business departments. Established consistent data structure. Increased speed to close

Digital Marketing Tips – Social Media

Social Media Look at what social media channels can benefit your business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google +, etc.).   Think about your goals from using social media, are you looking to make a sale? Build brand awareness? Direct traffic to your website? Network with prospective clients? Gain feedback from

Digital Marketing Tips – Contact Forms

Contact Forms Contact forms are often neglected but vital for interacting with your visitors.   Contacts forms are usually placed on the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages but it’s also beneficial to place them on other pages of your website.   If you have lots of content on pages try using

Digital Marketing Tips – SEO

Ranking within Google Use authentic back links to your supplier and client websites.   Testimonials and Case Studies – you link me – I’ll link you.   List your website in relevant and niche directories to appear in searches.   Content, website content is great but avoid duplicate content and

Digital Marketing Tips – Email Marketing

Email Marketing Target your newsletters, ask yourself does everyone that does business with you or your entire database want to receive the mailing? Segregate your data and target wisely so newsletters aren’t treated as spam.   Design, are your newsletters mobile friendly? The majority of your newsletter will be opened

The Reasons to Go Paperless

What are the Paper Facts? How much paper is produced? The United States and Canada are the world’s largest producers of paper and paper products. The next largest are Finland, Japan, and Sweden, who produce significant amounts of wood pulp and newsprint. The U.S. consumption of paper and paperboard in

Guru Ben’s Top Tips 5

Guruben’s Top Tips Good Morning, Do you get the benefit from using custom fields within your system? Or are your billing templates in need of a revamp? The theme for this week is ‘making things look nice’, so if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either one of the above questions this

Guru Ben’s Top Tips 4

Guruben’s Top Tips Good Afternoon, Struggle to track all relevant information relating to a project or job you’re working on? You aren’t on your own. This week in our guruben mailing we are looking at some of the key features within the projects module. Business Simplicity – Grow your business

Guru Ben’s Top Tips 3

Gurubens Top Tips Good Afternoon, This week in our guruben mailing we are looking at email security. If you are not aware, there has been a global ransomware outbreak affecting multiple large organisations. Following our previous security editions of guruben’s top tips (7th October 2016 & 23rd December 2016), we

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